Kailey Veenstra | Emotional + Spiritual Wellness Through Love

Kailey Veenstra
Emotional + Spiritual Wellness Through Love

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Writer. Speaker. Healer.

Intuitive. Empath. Mystic. Highly Sensitive Person. Indigo Child. Enneagram 4 w 3. Contemplative. Holy Spirit Daughter. Beloved of Jesus. Wilderness Dweller.

Photos courtesy of  Paraphrase Photography

Photos courtesy of Paraphrase Photography

Grace Clingers. Deep Feelers. Love Warriors Welcome.



For the past ten years, I have been helping women in the areas of faith formation,  spiritual growth, emotional health and wellness.

I facilitate healing spaces, online and in person, where you can show up authentically and be honest, encountering Love in new realities and the freedom you so desperately long for.

I have experienced pain and turmoil that should have killed me. Instead, I plumbed the depths of my emotion to discover them a super power and gateway to healing.

I have lived a three year Dark Night of The Soul. To me, darkness is to Light and God dwells richly in the centre.  

I grew up religious and have spent my latter years de, then re-constructing my faith. I have an intimate understanding of the fear, isolation, and rejection that come with it.

Whether you’re wandering the wilderness unsure of what you believe anymore, a religious good-girl who wants more than bible study and church service or a spiritual sojourner in search of Love, this space is for you.


I can help you: 

feel safe to trust again

understand your divine nature

embrace your tender feelings

drop your defences

open your eyes to Wisdom

soften and end self-hate

cultivate courageousness

keep going