Kailey Veenstra | Living in the Religious Grey

Kailey Veenstra
Leading Women to Encounter God + Freedom in the Religious Grey. 

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Writer. Speaker. Wounded Healer.

Intuitive. Empath. Mystic. Highly Sensitive Person. Contemplative. Enneagram 4. Holy Spirit Daughter. Beloved of Jesus. Wilderness Dweller. Grace Clinger. Deep Feeler.  Love Warrior.

 Photos courtesy of  Paraphrase Photography

Photos courtesy of Paraphrase Photography



For the past ten years, I have been helping women encounter God in ways they cannot deny. I facilitate healing spaces, online and in person,  encouraging women to authentically show up and be honest- with God, themselves and others.

I have experienced pain and turmoil that should have killed me. Instead, I plumbed the depths of my emotion to discover them a super power and gateway to healing.

I have lived a three year dark night of the soul. To me, darkness is to Light and God dwells richly in the centre.  

I grew up religious and have spent my latter years Deconstructing. I have an intimate understanding of the fear, isolation, and rejection that come with it.

Whether you’re wandering the wilderness unsure of what you believe anymore, a religious good-girl who wants more than bible study and church service or a spiritual sojourner in search of Love, this space is for you.


I can help you: 

Navigate the Unknown

Flourish in the Grey +

Experience God in ways You've Longed for.