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Sacred Circle Sisterhood

Women birthing authentic expressions of faith and being.

THE Sacred Circle Sisterhood IS A SPIRIT-LED community SPACE FOR WOMEN TO GATHER IN TRUTH TELLING, prayer + THE journey OF healing and freedom.

It's for those seeking depth in their female friendships and an alternative way of connecting with God.


Come as you are, feel at home and be known among other like-minded women. 


Here you'll be encouraged to break down the walls that divide, take off masks that hide and share vulnerably your heart, your faith and your Holy, holey, humanity.


Deconstruction can feel lonely.

My three year journey to rebirth- what one might call, a dark night of the soul- was the hardest and most pain-filled season of my life. It was also the most profound. 

It’s others stories that carried me through the trenches.  

I wasn't alone anymore. I was seen and understood. Soon, I discovered there’s a tribe of us!


You’ve found a sacred circle in the middle of the wilderness. Welcome home, Sister. 


We want to deepen our understanding of Truth,  experience God in profound ways, all while, growing as individuals.

We see the connection between personal growth and the Collective healing of our world. 

We no longer feel the need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, valuing Truth and Wisdom in all it's forms.

We are willing and eager to learn something new. 


We want to broaden our experience of God, extend the fence lines and enter The Wild Mystery of the Wilderness.


Whether you're local or afar, you're invited to join the tribe.

Together, we'll explore:

  1. The ins and outs of deconstruction

  2. Encountering God in new ways

  3. Embracing change

  4. Navigating the unknown

  5. Living free in the religious grey


Here, you're safe to ask questions, wrestle with doubt, voice your fears and grow in authentic freedom. 

Where the Spirit is, there is freedom.- 2 Corinthians 3:17