A loving guide with the gift of leading people back to their intuition and Divine Light.
— Jen Stevens | Friend, Student, Light Worker

Your love, light and Authenticity creates a safe space to heal.

  • It was very scary facing my past hurts and trauma. But for the first time I could lean in and not run from it. I was ok. Your love, light and authenticity creates a safe space to heal. Everything is starting to become so clear. - F. (Femme 1.0 + 2.0 Workshop Series)

I feel a sense of being alive to life and to God when I’m with her.
— Paul Truman, Pastor, Heritage Mountain Community Church

I am now more in tune with myself without having to push, strive, accomplish or prove myself.

What I take with me is the courage to be feminine and let go of the guilt associated with it. I am now more in tune with myself without having to push, strive, accomplish or prove myself. I have lived so long trying to move to the next thing in my agenda, that it drove me to constant anger and resentment. My struggles were much deeper than I was aware off…. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and live in the moment. - M. (Sacred Circle Sisterhood Inaugural Curriculum)

So much is happening and shifting!

Kailey, I just want to say how much I appreciate you. These practices are really helping me. I am so grateful. There's not enough paper to write about it all! So much inner heart work- no words to explain all that is happening and shifting. Thank you! - J. (Mystic Meditation Workshop)


Brave, vulnerable, honest, wise and supportive…..a blessing

Thank you for being brave, vulnerable, honest, wise and supportive in sharing your beautiful heart. I am out of the cocoon but learning to fly into my freedom. Your teachings are helping me begin again with grace in any moment. You are a blessing. - J.S (Femme 1.0 + 2.0 Workshop Series, Sacred Circle Sisterhood Inaugural Curriculum)

A lightworker and speaker of truth!
— Thea Wood ( Health Coach and Motivational Speaker, Founder, Kick Fear in The Face )

a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom

Anxiety is something I’ve had a hard time kicking but her classes really help. Kailey comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom. I definitely recommend working with her. - R.G (Femme 1.0 + 2.0 Workshop Series)

A warrior of a kick-ass woman, lighting up the room with her laughter and selflessly sharing her love and gifts with the world.
— Susanna McWilliams (Intuitive Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach)

began with anxiety I have lived with for 7 years. I instantly felt better.

I began with anxiety that I have consistently lived with for close to 7 years. I instantly felt better after doing it - my mind felt clearer. I am seriously so grateful to have this in my "toolkit" - Thanks Kailey. - B.M (Sacred Circle Sisterhood Inaugural Curriculum)