When Bravery Looks Like Homemade Bread Cake

In building relationships with people who are different from us, we must decide: are we willing to risk saying the wrong things, risk hearing how we are a part of the problem? Are we willing to love and push through hurts that may come? We must risk exploring the problems we don’t want to admit are even there. – Jennie Allen, “Nothing to Prove”


Three weeks ago, she passed me on the sidewalk. Her style caught my eye. Then we met at the neighbourhood park. Our kids played while we exchanged pleasantries, before nap time cut us short. She asked for my number and a plan to meet again. We did the following week.

Despite my best intentions, I had forgotten. Thankfully, she followed up. And in our second meeting, I came face-to-face with conviction: my ignorance towards a hurting heart reaching out. I’d missed it entirely–too caught up in my own stuff to notice. This time I couldn’t outrun it. I couldn’t pretend. I had added to the problem….


This article and this woman mean so much to me- a gift to have it published on my birthday!

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Kailey Veenstra