The Healing Power of Love

The teacher appears when the student is ready.

My soul recognized The wisdom and over the weeks, solidified.

When I think back to the people, places and practices that have influenced me most, their appearance is akin to Divine timing – what I like to call, Synchronicity.

Most of us come to faith as seekers- of what, we’re not always certain. We may have the notion of slowing down, rehabbing our bodies or needing inner peace, but what we soon discover is a (better) way of life.

At the root of all faith is Love and it is my belief, that nothing has the power but Love, to heal- to transform.

Because at a fundamental and metaphysical level, it’s Love that casts out ALL Fear.

In the areas we feel sick or stuck or hurt, it’s fear – or loveless thinking– at the root.

  • The fear of not being enough.

  • The fear of failing – something or someone.

  • The fear of being unwanted, unloved or rejected.

This is the case for me, anyway and I’m willing to bet I’m not alone!

I remind myself daily that fear isn’t real.

It’s F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal.

And with the right tools- ones rooted in Love- I can face, conquer and over come the things that hold me hostage.


This article was originally published on Westcoast Yoga and Wellness Blog

Kailey Veenstra