A soft place to Land

My current view feels like an omen :: flowing life force. A change in perspective. Soaring to new heights.


I feel myself expanding.

My soul is opening.

Through the art of allowing and the gift of permission, I am taking what is rightfully mine: Freedom. Play. Delight. Joy. Wholeness. LIFE abundant.

Filling my home with live greens and flowers tied with string.

Lighting a candle, the swoosh of a match stick.  Lingering long enough to breath in it's aroma.

Taking time- again and again- to choose the perfect scent.  1...2....3....4 drops of essential oil into a diffuser. 

Five deep breaths to imprint the moment, and the benefits, on my mind and heart.

Letting music waft through my walls and speakers. Taking time to listen, appreciate and move to it's rhythms, whether I'm in my kitchen cooking, doing yoga by myself, shaking out the feeling or bopping with my toddler in the living room.

Sitting in silence. Focusing on the life break moving through me. Trusting that my words- and the world- can wait. 

Wearing threads, soft and feminine, that wrap me cozy and comfortable: pyjamas that make me feel beautiful.

Dreaming and longing; making room for self car and travel. Nurishment for my soul and relationships.

Saying sorry. Forgiving old hurts. Re-inviting people to my table and my heart.

Allowing others to think different. Believe different. Trust different. And trusting it's OK. Welcoming them, even, as teachers; not throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Listening to my body, giving her what she needs: water, food, rest, sleep, massage, movement, connection and release. All of it Holy and Good.

I am living what I've secretly longed for. The things I've dreamed about, saw in movies and envied in others simple, yet spacious choices. The things I reserved for vacation and weekends only, now I'm living them in everyday. And my family is being remade by it. I'm coming alive, more beautiful and radiant than before.

"It sounds like you've befriended your soul again. You're re-embracing what makes you feminine." 

Yes, I thought. My girlfriend was right. I am restoring, reawakening, redeeming what has been mine from the beginning - my sacred and feminine wholeness.


You don’t have to fling yourself around the planet searching for those things outside yourself. You only have to go back into the stillness to locate it. The treasure you’ve been searching for so long was there all the time. – Shauna Niequest | Present Over Perfect

I'm reclaiming my innocence, my curiosity and my faith without borders. I'm reconnecting with my soul. I'm resurrecting self love, self acceptance, self reverence: my sensuality, my sexuality and feminine power.

And I'm finding them in the silence- the stillness within. I need only to return to myself and breath with Love - the love that befriends and consumes and transforms.

I know it's better here, here in the place of love.

Kailey doc fam pic WEB sized file-72.jpg

I will rejoice not over monumental accomplishments, but rather microscopic improvements that are closing the gap between who I am today and the woman I want to become- my authentic Self.

Like showing up and starting over. 

Waking early to give my soul space.

Signing up for the thing that scares me.

This is my bridge, my pilgrimage to new awareness of Love- of God's profound and wild and wondrous presence.

It is here that I will blossom and transform; once again become a soft and sacred place to land.

Kailey Veenstra