Truths that are Currently Freeing Me

Life is not linear, but cyclical. This too shall pass. It will also come again. So, surrender to the flow. Like a labyrinth, every pass goes deeper to your centre. •

Where you came from, doesn’t necessarily depict where you are going. So, don’t assume anything. You’ll only limit your perspective and your potential. •


Listen to nature. Attune to her season and her natural rhythms. They too, live inside you. •

Learn from the moon. She’s speaking to you-  invitations to The Wild and The Mystery. •

The dream world has much to teach you if you’re willing to pay attention. •

Synchronicity is not happenstance but Divine Encounters. We must choose to not dismiss it. •

Stay curious. Remain an open student. Everyone and everything has Truth to offer. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. •

Meditate often to explore your inner being. Learn to be with yourself and you’ll learn to be with others. 

Surround yourself with beauty. Create a scrumptious home. Splurge on small luxuries- like a rose petal bath, a mid day nap, that bouquet of flowers. No apologies or justification needed. •

Detach. From peoples feelings, approval, conformity and being misunderstood. They only hold you back in fear. •

Fear will hold you hostage and it will silence the voice of Love. The only way out, is through. So face it. The feeling, the person, the reality. It will get worse before it gets better. •

Love yourself, love being alone, be your own best friend. You can only give away what you’ve first received and kept. •

Dare to ask the question. Wrestle with unknown. Get comfy without answers and you’ll enter The Real Mystery called Faith. •

Align yourself with teachers who intrigue you and call up longings that are silenced. Your soul knows what’s good for her. They will be your guides home- to lands you are about to possess. •

Make no mistake- your existence needs no apology. So go ahead, take up space. Be too much and not enough. Get comfy with your holey, Holy humanity. 


//:: Truths inspired by and adapted from Andrea Clark, Nectar Yoga B&B

Kailey Veenstra