My Mystical Christian Experience + Recommended Reading

I’m very comfortable with my Mystical Christian Experience - that in itself is a miracle. I was terrified in the beginning.


I spent days, weeks and months reading about Eastern Christianity, Esoteric Christian practices, Monastic Christians, Gnostic Christianity and the Gnostic Gospels- all to find myself in the narrative.

Which I did. Thank God.

I realized so much of my experience was akin to the Christian Mystics, the Early Church or Eastern Christian offshoots rooted in a dance with The Holy Spirit. Liturgical language is my mother tongue.

I’m a pound puppy of Christian/ Catholic practice. I'm on the fringe of religious tradition. And I like that!

Its taught me to lean on discernment through The Spirit of Wisdom- which needs to be cultivated and strengthened. But my experience can’t always be explained through scripture or precise intellectual thought.

I remembered 1 Peter 3:15 this morning :

Be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have- with gentleness and respect.

When people ask questions about my faith expression, I want to remain open to intimacy.

This hasn’t been my past experience. Not every question is an accusation or a passive- aggressive fight for control. Inquisition is not the enemy; it’s a transformation agent!

I want NOT my responses to be a shield or a defence against connection, but a tool to community and the sharing of wisdom and understanding for BOTH parties.

Grace and peace to all of us, as we fumble our way through this.


These resources were incredible instrumental and sent me on countless research rabbit trails. Happy exploring!

Recommended Reading:

  • Common Prayer: Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals- Shane Claiborne

  • Marianne Williamson - Illuminata + Everyday Grace 

  • Simple Abundance - Sarah Ban Bretahnach 

  • The Gnostic Bible - Willis Barnstone 

  • Richard Rohr - daily reflections newsletter 

  • Desperately Seeking Sophia Article

  • The Dance of the Dissident Daughter - Sue Monk Kidd

  • Leaving Church- Barbara Brown Taylor 

  • The Road Back to You- Ian Cron

Kailey Veenstra