Formal Bio

Kailey Veenstra is an Inspirational Writer, Teacher and Healer in the areas of faith formation,  spiritual growth, emotional health and wellness. She facilitates healing spaces, online and in person, where women can encounter Love in new realities and find the freedom they so desperately long for. 

Kailey has gained invaluable life experience, far outweighing her thirty years on earth. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, she was raised a self-starter willing to do the work. Persistence and determination were hard won, along with her strong work ethic. Through it all, personal experience has been her greatest teacher.

Kailey has walked an unconventional path to leadership, having worked in corporate, non-profit and multiple entrepreneurial business ventures. She is an avid learner, always reading, researching, attenting workshops, lectures and webinars. 

She is a seeker of Truth and a Conduit of Love, sensing the intimate presence of God from an early age. Kailey has explored major world religions, been a part of multiple religious institutions and finds Home in the arms of The Beloved, Jesus. She has a kindred connection and deeply intimate relationship with The Presence of the Holy Spirit.